VPN Unlimited Review 2016

Welcome to our review of VPN Unlimited from the KeepSolid team. This VPN is fairly new to the market, so there may be room for improvement. They have software versions for iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, Linux, Windows Phone, Apple TV, and a browser extension. In this review, we will look at several versions and talk about the features that VPN Unlimited offers.

Prices and Discounts

Often times when you look for a VPN, price comes in to play. You want to find a reliable company, but the highest priced service is not always the best. VPN Unlimited offers six different lengths of service depending on what you need. As you see below, seven days is $1.99. One month is $4.99. For three months, the cost is $8.99. For one year, the cost is just $24.99. Three years of the service is $69.99. Lastly, you may purchase a lifetime account for $129.99. The To Do Checklist you see below may be bundled with it, but we will talk more about that one in a moment.

Pricing for VPN UnlimitedVPN Unlimited has many different payment options. They offer Paymentwall, Visa, Mastercard, Bitcoin, Amazon, and almost all gift cards. If you are concerned about privacy, Bitcoin and several other methods are great to provide a level of anonymity. If you want to manage your account, Paypal is a good option to use.

7 Day Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee

VPN Unlimited wants you to be happy with your service. That’s why they offer a 7 day risk-free money back guarantee. They realize that testing a product is one of the most important things you can do. Because of that, they feel that 7 days is enough time to test the software and make sure you are making the right decision.

Button for VPN UnlimitedFeatures

Often times, what separates a VPN program from others is the list of features it offers. VPN Unlimited is a straight forward service, and does not have the bells and whistles of other services. However, it has a few features that we will talk about.

Console for VPN UnlimitedKeepSolid Wise is a feature that provides a higher level of protection against deep packet inspection by using the TCP 443 port. However, the performance may decrease by using it. The Stop DNS Leak feature restricts your DNS requests to the VPN’s only. Another feature we like is the ability to connect up to five simultaneous devices on the same account. You can also add more devices for a small fee if you need to. That way, you can protect your devices without having to buy different versions. It’s great for connecting your devices at home and the ones you take with you.

There are other products that VPN Unlimited offers, but they are not included in their main product. The console as you see above is fairly straight forward, and does not seem to have the features we would like to see. One interesting thing is that they do allow torrenting on a few servers. The ones that do not allow it, have a line through the the word “torrents”.

Torrenting servers for VPN Unlimited

Server Locations

VPN Unlimited has a decent sized network of over 300 servers in 46 countries. Whether you want to connect to a server in a specific country, or you are traveling overseas, VPN Unlimited has you covered. Let’s take a look at the countries where these servers are located. In the Americas, you have Canada, USA, Mexico, Panama, Brazil, and Chile. In Europe, there are servers located in Austria, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Germany, Denmark, Estonia, Spain, Finland, France, UK, Croatia, Hungary, Ireland, Isle of Man, Iceland, Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Latvia, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Russia, Sweden, Slovenia, and Ukraine. In Asia, Africa, and the Oceanic region, there are servers in Australia, Hong Kong, India, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Turkey, and South Africa.

Map screen for VPN Unlimited

Of course you may not need access to that many servers, but it is nice to have the choice. They state that they have fast servers in several countries, and we have found mixed results. If you want see specifics, take a look at our speed test.

Button for VPN UnlimitedPerformance

When you deal with encrypted traffic, you can expect to run into a some speed loss. However, we encountered more than normal. The normal speed loss you can expect to see is between 10%-25%. In the image below, you can see that we saw about a 41% speed loss. That is more than we had hoped for. Though the difference may not affect us much because of our speeds, that kind of loss could pose a problem if your speeds are lower. It automatically defaults to OpenVPN UDP which is the best mix of speed and security.

Speedtest for VPN Unlimited

Security and Privacy

The way that VPNs offer protection is through the use of protocols. However, the security offered is dependent on what protocol you choose. For the desktop and Android version, they offer OpenVPN. For MacOS and iOS, they offer IPSec IKEv1. We would like to see more options for data protection on all versions. Also, they do not store activity logs of their users. Like other companies, they store some minimal connection data. That is not out of the ordinary in the industry.


One shining point with VPN Unlimited is their support. They offer a ticket system, direct email, FAQ section, and a live chat feature. All four methods are offered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It states on the website that if you submit a ticket or use email, they will get back to you within a few hours. We can verify that is the case. In fact, when we submitted a ticket through their system and got a response back in two minutes. That may not be common, but it shows they stay on top of things and take support very seriously. Though they have a live chat feature, it is hard to argue with the response time of submitting a help ticket.


VPN Unlimited supports all sorts of devices. Currently though, they offer specific apps for the following operating systems.

Operating Systems:

  • Windows – XP SP3 or newer
  • Mac OS X 10.10 or newer
  • Linux 7.0, Ubuntu 12.04+

Mobile Devices:

  • iOS – 7.0+
  • Android 4.0+
  • Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1

They also have a browser extension, and other setups available in their support section.

Button for VPN Unlimited

Sign Up Process

Since signing up for a VPN should be easy, we will demonstrate the process to get VPN Unlimited. Select the option that says “I am a new user” and enter your email to create your account. Next, enter the password and click sign up. After doing so, you will see the message on your right stating that you have successfully created the ID.

Signup for VPN Unlimited

After doing that, you can choose the plans we spoke of earlier. Next, choose your method of payment. Enter your payment information and press the buy button. They don’t use promo codes, but keep an eye out for promotions.

Payment types for VPN Unlimited

That is all there is to signing up. You can get the normal packages, or you can get the suite which includes a “To do list”. As you would think, it will help you organize and keep your events straight. Be aware that the last feature is only available for iOS devices.

How to Use VPN Unlimited for Windows

VPNs should be easy to use, and we’ll show you how to use the service with their Windows client. Go ahead and download the software. Next, locate the file and click the install button. After installing, you will see the main console showing you where you are located. Here, it is noted by the grey arrow.

Map screen for VPN Unlimited

Move the VPN Status slider to the right to turn it on. You can choose optimal for the best performing server, or you can scroll down the list under the servers list. You see a flag icon and the workload level under each one. To the right, you can see servers that allow torrent activity. If the server says “Torrents” and has a line through it, you can’t use it for torrenting.

Torrenting servers for VPN Unlimited

Under the account setting, you can choose to run on startup. You can also choose the KeepSolid Wise under Network Settings. Stop DNS Leak and Repair Connection are both located under that category. VPN Unlimited is very easy to use, and the Mac version operates exactly the same.

How to Use VPN Unlimited for Android

For this section, we’re using the Android operating system. You want to begin by going to the Google Play Store and doing a search for VPN Unlimited. Once you find it, tap on the button that says install. Next, tap on the open button.

First three Android screens for VPN Unlimited

You should now be prompted to enter your credentials. Enter and tap the white circle. As soon as it loads, you can choose your server, or pick the optimal server.

Second set of Android screens for VPN Unlimited

The first screen below shows the VPN is connected. To find the server list, choose the drop down list. You’ll now see the server recommendations. By tapping the menu icon in the top left hand part of the screen, you will see the settings located on the third screen.

Third set of Android screens for VPN Unlimited

That is all there is to the Android version of VPN Unlimited. They keep the app simple and straight forward. Everything is labeled well and easy to find. With the ease of this app, the iOS version operates the same way, so we won’t go over it specifically.

Favorite Features for VPN Unlimited:

  • No activity logs kept
  • P2P friendly
  • Nicely priced
  • Excellent support
  • Straight forward interface
  • Apps for almost all operating systems

Thoughts to make VPN Unlimited better:

  • Add more countries
  • Give more protocol options
  • Make connections faster and more stable
  • Eliminate some plan options
  • Add more features
  • Add more P2P servers

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, we find VPN Unlimited to be a solid provider. We would like to see them add some more features such as a kill switch and stabilize their connections a bit. Their interface is streamlined and very easy to use. Their prices are hard to beat, and they are extremely competitive in the industry. We also love their fast, efficient customer service team. They are friendly, knowledgeable, and will answer your request quickly. If you are looking for a straight forward VPN, you’ll want to give this one a try.

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