Best VPN by Purpose

Netflix5 Best VPN Services for Netflix

You should look for a fast, reliable VPN with servers on both coasts of the US if you want to watch uninterrupted HD content from Netflix.  Having more Netflix regions available with an easy way to switch between them will give you access to even more content.  Being able to choose lower or no encryption will also help to increase the speed of your streams.

Torrenting5 Best VPN Services for Torrents

File sharing fans will first want to look for a VPN service that supports torrent traffic.  Preferably a VPN that does not keep logs.  You will want to connect to server locations in P2P friendly countries like the Netherlands, Germany, and Romania.  Extra features like a VPN kill switch, DNS leak protection, and NAT firewall will also help protect your privacy.

BBC iPlayer5 Best VPN Services for BBC iPlayer

Those seeking a VPN to access BBC iPlayer should find one with multiple server locations in the UK.  It should also provide good encryption to protect you from the new data retention policies that the UK has recently implemented.  Fast speed and reliability will also ensure that you can watch all your favorite UK programming without interruption.

Hulu5 Best VPN Services for Hulu

If you are trying to find a VPN to stream Hulu, you need to find one with multiple US locations.  It should be fast and reliable so that you can watch your favorite shows and movies without slowdown due to loading.  Having support for many types of devices including routers will let you access the Hulu library of content from the comfort of your sofa.

Best VPN Values5 Best VPN Values

The best VPN value will depend on your needs. The right choice will have a good balance of price, server locations, good speeds, ease of use, and encryption levels. The service should be from a reputable provider, and not from one that offers their main product for free. Finding the right mix of those features will definitely serve you well in the long run.

Pandora5 Best VPN Services for Pandora

If your goal is to find a VPN service that will let you listen to your favorite music from Pandora, then you will want one with multiple servers in the US, Australia, and New Zealand.  It should be fast, reliable, and economically priced so that you can stream you favorite songs with good audio quality without interruption.

Encryption Keys5 Best VPN Services for Encryption

If your goal is to find a VPN service to encrypt your Internet traffic and protect your confidentiality, then you will want one which supports the latest ciphers like ASE 128, AES-256, 3DES.  OpenVPN should be your protocol of choice with IKEv2  being a good second choice for Blackberry and mobile device users.

OpenVPN Logo5 Best VPN Services for OpenVPN

If your goal is to find a VPN service which implements the OpenVPN protocol the best.  You will want one which supports the best ciphers like ASE 128, AES-256, and Blowfish.  It should also support the strongest keys, hashing algorithms, and authentication methodologies. Supporting other protocols will also increase the service’s overall utility.

IKEv2 Protocol3 Best VPN Services for IKEv2

Only a select few  VPN service providers offer the IKEv2 protocol for your iOS, Android, or Windows mobile devices.  IKEv2 supports the MOBIKE extension which lets you stay connected to your VPN session when moving between networks.  This makes it especially good for muti-homed users and those who access their VPN service from multiple Wi-Fi hotspots.

Free Wi-Fi5 Best VPN Services for Wi-Fi

The best way to protect yourself when you connect to public Wi-Fi hotspots or other unsecured connections is by using a personal VPN service.  You will want a VPN which has an OpenVPN or IKEv2 mobile connection protocol to ensure that your data is securely encrypted, authenticated, and verified to guard against wi-fi sniffers and man-in-the-middle attacks.

Global TV Logo5 Best VPN Services for Global TV

The best way to access all of your favorite programs from the Global TV network outside of Canada is to connect to it through a personal VPN service.  A VPN will also encrypt all of your Internet traffic between your device and the VPN server.  Thus, it will also help protect you from targeted marketing ads, surveillance, and identity theft while using the Internet.

Seven Network5 Best VPN Services for Seven Network

Seven Network or Channel 7 as it is usually known is a free commercial streaming media service that is geographically restricted outside of Australia. However, you can use a personal VPN service to watch and enjoy all of your favorite Channel 7 programs from anywhere in the world. PLUS7 will let you watch content online from all of the stations in Seven Network.

Sling TV5 Best VPN Services for Sling TV

Sling TV is a streaming media service that offers live ESPN content.  It is geo-restricted to the US only.   Using a VPN service, you can stream it from anywhere in the world.  This means you can keep up with The Walking Dead, Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, many live ESPN sporting events, and on demand content while vacationing, working, or living abroad.

Online Shopping5 Best VPN Services for Online Shopping

You should use a reputable VPN service that is fast, reliable, and secure if you plan on shopping online this holiday season. This will protect all of your credit information from cyber-criminals. It should be a global network with servers in major consumer markets like the US, Europe, and Asia so that you can get the best prices for all of your online purchases.