Best VPN by Device / OS

Mac5 Best VPN Services for Mac

Those seeking a VPN for Mac will want to find one with an easy to use interface that keeps pace with the latest Mac OS X. Having a nice app for iOS devices will also help you to connect to the VPN when away from the computer.  Having more than one connection will allow you to use the service to easily connect to the VPN from home or while traveling.

Windows5 Best VPN Services for Windows

Finding a VPN for Windows that is fast, reliable, easy to use should not be a problem.  So you should look at the must have extra features that the VPN service provides.  These include great service, multiple connections, auto startup, minimization to system tray, Nat firewalls, ping responses, port forwarding, and multiple protocol support with variable encryption strength.

iOS5 Best VPN Services for iOS

If you are seeking a VPN for your iPhone or iPad, you should look for one which provides good privacy and security to protect you when you are using public Wi-Fi networks in restaurants and hotels.  If you plan to steam movies or other digital media, your VPN will need to have multiple servers in the US and UK to maximize the content library you can access.

Android5 Best VPN Services for Android

So, you need a VPN for your Android device.  It should have good performance and support.  If you need to use it at the office or school, then a way to easily bypass local firewalls should be on your list of features so you can access your social websites. Having multiple connections, protocols like IKEv2, and auto reconnect are also useful features.

Chromebook5 Best VPN Services for Chromebook

Whether you are using it at school, work, or any other public WiFi network, be sure to look for a VPN that offers good privacy and security. If you want to stream blocked content, you will want a VPN with a large network, fast speeds, and multi-country support. Look for well written Chromebook setup guides to connect easily.