ProXPN Review

hideme-review2Features and Pricing Summary:
Network: Servers in 18 locations
Software: Windows, Mac
Refund Policy: 30 day guarantee
Retail Price: $9.98 a month
Discount Price: 37% off


Welcome to our review of proXPN service. This provider has been in the marketplace for a while now, and their website seems to be straight forward. Here, we will take a look at their free account, but results for their premium account may vary. We will go over their features, but first, we will speak of pricing.

Pricing and Discounts

ProXPN offers a very limited free plan, and three different lengths of service on their premium plan. As you see in the image, the first level they offer is three months of service for $29.95. Your monthly price is $9.98/mo. Six months of their premium account is $49.95, which means your price drops to $8.33/mo. The final length is twelve months of service for $74.95. The monthly price then is $6.25/mo, so you receive 37% off of the monthly price.

ProXVPN Pricing

For methods of payment, ProXPN accepts several types. Credit cards, Bitcoin, and PayPal are all accepted through the service. With the premium version, proXPN is offering new members a 30 day money back guarantee.

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proXPN FeaturesUsually, you will want to look for features when choosing a VPN provider. Often times features can set providers apart from each other. The premium version of proXPN has a limited number of features. The free version has almost nothing as far as features go. On their website they speak of things like connecting to servers worldwide and protecting your Situs Slot Gacor. In reality however, the features that they speak highly of are basic things that any VPN will provide to you. There is one feature offered in the premium version, and that is their VPN Guard feature. What that feature does is terminate specific apps that you assign, should the vpn connection drop. That way, you will remain protected. Another feature we like is their port forwarding option (premium only). Other than being able to change a connection protocol, having the VPN auto connect at computer start up seems to be it.

Server Locations

If you are using the free version of proXPN, there is only one server you may connect to. The premium version however will give you access to 18 locations, but only 13 countries. Those countries are the US, Canada, Netherlands, Sweden, UK, Romania, Australia, Germany, France, Singapore, Puerto Rico, Iceland, and Switzerland. As you can see, they have servers in different locations from some of their competitors. Please note they have 5 different locations in the US.

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Speed is typically one of the big factors used when choosing a VPN provider, especially if the provider does not offer many features. When looking at performance, you may encounter up to a 25% reduction in speed when using a VPN. However since we are testing the free version, they specifically mention that their speeds are capped. What they would be on the premium version is unknown, but here are our results for the free version.

proXPN Speed Test

Though you see about a 94% speed loss in the image, we were told it would be limited. Also, though you may only be able to choose the “Free Chicago” server in the free version, the server  we connected to was not located there. We went with the closest location to the server for our test.

Security and Privacy

One of the reasons to use a VPN is for security. ProXPN supports two protocols, if you are using the premium version. If you are not, the only protocol available is OpenVPN. Fortunately though, OpenVPN (UDP) is the protocol we recommend. It provides the right mix of speed and privacy.


ProXPN has a few support options available. Those channels are offered through a toll free number, email, or Twitter. Though their website does not state the turn around time, they say to contact them day or night. We sent them an email, and received a response in a few business hours. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable, and it seems the CEO may have answered our email.  They also have a member area where you will see a knowledge base.


When selecting a provider, you will also want to make sure that they support your favorite devices. ProXPN has software for Windows and Mac operating systems, and they offer additional support for mobile devices for the premium version through setup guides. If you have questions about setup for other devices, their support department will be glad to assist you with any questions.

Visit proXPNSign Up Process

When signing up for proXPN, the process is easy. Just click on one of the create account buttons, and you will be taken to a screen that will allow you to select the free or paid version. Once you get through 2 attempts to get to you upgrade, you will see a screen that looks like this.

proXPN Signup

As you can see, they do not want much information, but they do ask for a mobile number that they claim is for account verification. Perhaps that is for the future, because they send you an email to activate your account.

How to Use proXPN for Desktop

Using proXPN is relatively easy, providing you know what you are looking for. Once you download the software and install it, you will see a screen that looks like the one below.

  1. proxpn-desktopEnter your username and password, as shown by the red arrow. If you do not have an account yet, create an account as shown by the blue arrow.
  2. After doing so, you will see a yellow lock in your tray turn to green, indicating that you are connected.
  3. To switch servers, view the console, or change any settings, simply right click on the green lock in the tray, and the console will pop up as we displayed in the features section.

That is all there is to the desktop version. Just install, enter your credentials, and right click on the tray icon to change settings.

How to Use proXPN for Mobile

ProXPN does not offer software for iOS or Android, but they do have thorough setup guides for both, providing you have the premium version. Though the website shows both iOS App Store and Google Play store icons, those links are not clickable. There are no apps for either operating system. For that reason, we will not offer the setup guide here. Also, be aware that proXPN only connects to mobile by using the PPTP protocol. Whereas that is better than nothing, Microsoft suggests it is no longer safe to protect your privacy.

Final Thoughts

Favorite features of proXPN:

  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Some advanced features
  • Reasonably priced premium service

Thoughts to make proXPN better:

  • Allow faster connection speeds on free accounts
  • Add stand alone iOS and Android apps
  • Add more countries
  • Allow more than one “free” server
  • Add OpenVPN support for mobile devices

As we wrap this review up, proXPN has it’s good points and points where it could improve. Clearly, you can not get an accurate portrayal of their VPN service without getting the premium version. Though their pricing point is reasonable, some of their competitors offer more for less. The interface could also be tweaked to make it more user friendly. We love the fact that they offer their new members a 30 day money back guarantee. That should provide you with an ample opportunity to test the premium service for yourself.

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