OverPlay 37% Off Coupon Code

We always enjoy getting special pricing from highly rated VPN companies, and sharing them with our guests. In working with OverPlay, they have agreed to provide our readers with an exclusive offer. Of course, we will share that now.

The amount of this deal is up to a 37% savings over the regular retail price. That means instead of paying the full price of $9.95 a month, you are eligible to get a year of service for only $74.96. Your price becomes only $6.25 a month, so you get 37% off of a year of their service.

OverPlay DiscountThough you would typically need to enter a coupon code, clicking on the image above or below this paragraph will auto populate that information. We did that to make it easier for you to take advantage of this special. Just click either one, and you are on your way. In the image below, we highlighted the year price. OverPlay also offers a 5 day money back guarantee for new members.

OverPlay PromotionLet’s take a quick look at the pricing for their different plans, since our graphic shows that it is only 25% you will save. With a regular retail price of $9.95/ month, our promotion makes the price $7.46. The three month plan is usually $27.95, but it is now $20.96. The discount grows with six months of service, and you won’t pay $52.95, but just $39.71. Here is where the difference comes in. Multiplying $9.95 x 12 produces an amount of $119.40. However, our discount gives you an extra 25% off of the normally discounted rate. Your total price with our promotion is $74.96 for the year. which is a 37% discount.

After clearing that up, we will speak of their methods of payment. They offer Visa, MC, Disc, and PayPal, but they are all accepted equally.

Now, the next part involves connecting. To show that this can be easily done, we will use OverPlay’s Windows client as our example.

  1. OverPlay ConsoleOnce you have downloaded and installed the software, launching the client will show you a screen like the one on the right.
  2. Then, you select the country or region you want to connect to. We are choosing the UK as shown by the arrow.
  3. Hit the connect button and you are located in whichever server location you chose.

That is really all there is to it. This is meant to be a brief explanation, but if you need additional clarification, please look at our full review of OverPlay.

Click the button below, and save 37% off VPN or Smart DNS from OverPlay.

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