ExpressVPN 35% Off Coupon Code

Because of the role we are in, we get the opportunity to share deals when they become available. Happily, we can offer a great discount for our readers on a top rated VPN service, ExpressVPN.

This discount is up to 35% off of the full retail price, when you buy a year plan. That is not the only deal offered by us for ExpressVPN, but it is the best. Since the normal price is $12.95/mo, a year would of the service would be $155.40. Instead, you only pay $99.95 for the entire year.

ExpressVPN CouponFor most discounts, you would need a coupon code. However, we have simplified the process. Instead of using a code, just click the image below, enter an email address and a method of payment, and start saving today.

ExpressVPN DiscountThere are three terms of service offered by ExpressVPN as you can see in the image. A month of service is $12.95, as we mentioned earlier. Six months of the service is $59.95, and that brings the price to $9.99/mo. Clearly, you can see the best deal is their twelve month plan that brings the price to $8.32/month.

When paying for your ExpressVPN service, you have several payment options. They offer Payment Wall, PayPal, Bitcoin, and various credit cards. Also, ExpressVPN offers a very generous 30 day money back guarantee.

A VPN service should be easy to operate, as well as purchase. We will show you just how easy by demonstrating their Windows client.

  1. ExpressVPN ConnectingThe first step here is to download and launch the client. Your interface should look like the box on the left.
  2. If you like the location it provides, click connect. If not, you may change your server location by clicking the link shown by the green arrow.
  3. Now, all you need to do is click the connect button, and you are connected. Enjoy all the benefits of surfing from the location you chose.

That is all there is to using ExpressVPN. This is just a quick overview, but if you have specific questions, or you would like to see setup on a mobile version, please look at our full review.

Being secure does not have to be difficult with ExpressVPN. Click the button below and receive 35% of off a year.

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