Black Friday VPN Deals for 2016

Black Friday VPN DealsIn the US, the 4th Thursday of November is called Thanksgiving. It is a national holiday, and there are many traditions that take place on that day. One well known tradition refers to the day after Thanksgiving, often called Black Friday. Retailers in the US consider Black Friday to be the start of the Christmas shopping season. Consumers will usually find the best deals of the year on that day. Over time, some retailers have started launching sales early. VPN providers also launch some great deals on Black Friday, or just before. Let’s take a look at the great Black Friday sales we have to offer.

IPVanish Black Friday sale

IPVanish – $3.25 a month

IPVanish (full review) is a VPN provider with a top tier network. That means their servers are fast and great for streaming content as well as protecting your privacy. Some of their great features include a VPN kill switch, servers in over 60 countries, two simultaneous connections, and a good support team. For our Black Friday sale, IPVanish is offering our readers up to 40% off of a year of service. Don’t miss this opportunity to get IPVanish at a great price.

HMA Black Friday Sale

HideMyAss$4.99 a month

HideMyAss (full review) is probably one of the best known VPN providers on the market. Since their humble beginnings in 2005, the company has grown to a staggering 890 servers in 190 countries around the world. They have several unique features like the Speed Guide, IP address settings change, and a feature called Secure IP bind that requires that may be set up to force an app to stay behind the security of the VPN. HMA is offering 43% off of a year service for our Black Friday sale.

OverPlay Holiday Sale

OverPlay$3.12 a month

OverPlay (full review) has some great features that are included with their VPN and SmartDNS service. Our favorite is one called Jetswitch that will allow you to change between regions quickly for your favorite streaming video service, such as Netflix. Additionally, they have 140 servers in 48 countries. During our Black Friday sale, OverPlay is offering 25% off of a year of their service. If you are looking for a VPN and SmartDNS combo, you won’t want to miss out on this deal.

StrongVPN Friendgiving Sale

StrongVPN$4.37 a month

StrongVPN is one of the oldest and trusted VPN providers on the market. Over time, we have seen their plans move to an unlimited model. They offer up to 2048 bit encryption and they maintain over 500 servers in 22 countries, so their servers are strategically placed. StrongVPN’s Black Friday sale offers our readers 25% off of a year of service. If you are looking for a good deal on a great product with a high level of encryption, you will want to take advantage of this deal.

VyprVPN Sale

VyprVPN  Р$6.25 a month

VyprVPN (full review) is a fairly well known VPN provider that is known for several great features like their kill switch, VyprDNS, and their Chameleon protocol. Chameleon is specifically designed to get around restrictions in China. They provide over 700 servers, located in 47 countries. Because of our Black Friday sale, VyprVPN will be available at a savings of 40% of their year service. If you are in China, or planning on traveling there sometime soon, this deal should not me missed.

Private Internet Access Black Friday DealPIA$3.33 a month

Private Internet Access (full review) is a very reasonably priced service that is a favorite among the peer to peer audience. They have some nice features like port forwarding, DNS leak protection, and a kill switch. All of which are great features. They also have over 3000 servers in 21 countries. PIA’s Black Friday deal for our readers gives them 50% off of a year’s worth of service. If you are going to use a VPN for peer to peer, you do not want to miss this deal.

PureVPN Black Friday Deal

PureVPN – $2.45 a month x 24 months

PureVPN (full review) is a good service that maintains over 500 servers in 141 countries. They are also packed with good features like Split Tunneling, SmartDNS, Virtual Router, and their kill switch. PureVPN has great support, easy to set up and use software, and as you can see, they are offering our readers a good Black Friday deal. You can save 70% off of a year of their service. If you have heard of PureVPN and were looking for a deal, now is the chance to take advantage.

ExpressVPN Black Friday Deal

ExpressVPN – $5.12 a month. Buy 12 mo, get 3 free

ExpressVPN (full review) has taken the time to grow their network to over 200 servers in 78 countries. Their interfaces are very straight forward and easy to use. They offer 2 simultaneous connections, great support, and a 30 day money back guarantee. In addition, they have several other great features you will want to investigate. ExpressVPN’s Black Friday deal for our readers is 35% off of a year of service. Now is your chance to get a good deal.

HideIPVPN Black Friday Deal

HideIPVPN – $4.17 a month

HideIPVPN is one of the fairly new and smaller players to the VPN market. As it stands, they have 30 servers in 5 different countries. They have some great features like SoftEther protocol support, and the option of connecting 3 devices simultaneously. HideIPVPN is offering our readers 65% off of a year of their service for our Black Friday deal. This is a good time to try out a newer VPN service and watch them grow over time. Since not everyone needs servers in many countries, check this deal out.

CyberGhost Black Friday DealCyberGhost$1.75 a month

Like some of the other services we mention in these deals, CyberGhost has been around awhile and they have become a very trusted name in the industry. They maintain over 500 servers across 45 locations in 31 countries. They have software that is easy to use, and have mobile apps available. CyberGhost wanted us to share with you our Black Friday deal. The special for our readers is 70% of a year of service. If you want to check out their service, this is the time to do it!

CactusVPN Black Friday Deal

CactusVPN – $3.21 a month

CactusVPN is a newer and smaller provider that currently has 12 servers across 6 locations in 3 countries. Those countries are the US, the UK, and the Netherlands. Their software is easy to use, they offer 4 protocols, and SmartDNS services as well. For our Black Friday special, CactusVPN has agreed to give our readers 54% off of a year of service. If you’re looking for a good entry level VPN that will get the job done, check out this deal.

Iron Socket Black Friday DealIron Socket$4.16 a month

Iron Socket is a medium sized provider that has been in the market since to 2005. Currently, they have servers in 36 countries, and they state they are adding new locations all the time. That will give you some great options for unblocking content. Some highlights of their service include 24/7 customer support, fast speeds, and no activity logs. For their Black Friday deal, they are very graciously offering our readers 50% off of a year of their service.  The deal will be available until Dec. 1st.

OctaneVPN Black Friday DealOctaneVPN$2.33 a month

OctaneVPN has servers in 47 countries, including quite a few servers in the US. That is great if you want to unblock channels both inside and outside of the US. In addition, they use the OpenVPN protocol along with 256-bit encryption. If you have the inlaws visiting, they allow 5 simultaneous connections. Through this great Black Friday sale they are offering, our readers receive 60% a year of service until the end of the year.

ibVPN Black Friday DealibVPN$3.45 a month

ibVPN has more than 95 servers in 39 different countries, including many in the US. Some of their features include their no activity logs policy, OpenVPN support, kill switch, and auto connect at computer startup. ibVPN’s software is easy to use, and they offer specific apps for both Android and iOS. During our Black Friday sale, ibVPN is offering our readers 68% off of a full year of service.

LiquidVPN Black Friday Deal LiquidVPN$3.16 a month

LiquidVPN is a smaller provider that has strategically placed servers in 7 different countries. They have some good features like Liquid Lock, Smart Streaming, IP Modulation. All of those are perfect for protecting your privacy and unblocking content in the countries you would want to see most. For LiquidVPN’s Black Friday deal, they want to give our readers 75% off of their full year of service. You won’t want to miss this one!

NordVPN Black Friday DealNordVPN$3 a month

NordVPN is becoming a favorite of some tech websites because of some of it’s features. They have a growing network of servers located in 27 countries. NordVPN also uses tools like double data encryption, DNS Leak resolver, and up to 6 simultaneous connections from the same account. With the number of options available to you, don’t miss out on their Black Friday sale.

TorGuard Black Friday DealTorGuard$3.91 a month

Torguard has a large network of over 1200 servers in more than 42 countries. Some of the other features included with their service are the Stealth VPN Service, 5 simultaneous connections, Multi-protocol support, and 24/7 live chat customer service. TorGuard’s Black Friday sale for our readers is 50% the normal cost of the one year service, as long as you enter the promotional code BlackFriday. Be sure to check out this deal, it ends December 2nd.

AirVPN Black Friday DealAirVPN35% Off

AirVPN is a relatively new player to the VPN Market. There are servers available around the world, and they have some very nice features. Those include port forwarding, Forward Secrecy, and a very high level of encryption. That is perfect for keeping your data safe from would be hackers. AirVPN’s Black Friday sale to our readers provides them with 35% off of the year plan.

Kepard Black Friday DealKepard$2.90 a month

Kepard is a reasonably priced, fairly new player to the market. Some of the features of the Kepard VPN include Nat firewall, 24 hour support, and 2 simultaneous connections. With their Black Friday deal, they are offering our readers 30% off of a year of service. The discount makes their service even more reasonable. If you are new to the VPN industry and want to secure your privacy and unblock content around the world, give Kepard a try.

SaferVPNBuy one, get one on all plans

SaferVPN is new to the industry, and they offer a reasonably priced service. Some of their features include 24 hour support, automatic bug fixing, and automatic wifi security. With their Black Friday deal, they are offering our readers a buy one plan get the second one free. If you buy one year, the second year is free. That is a good deal, and it makes the service very reasonably priced. If you are new to the VPN industry and want an easy way to secure your privacy, you’ll want to check out SaferVPN.