Best VPNs for Seven Network

Seven NetworkSeven Network, also called Channel 7 was the second Australian commercial television network.  It took its name from the VHF7 frequency that it was broadcast on.  It is currently owned by Seven West Media Limited.  It began as a group of independent stations across Australia.  It is the highest rated television network in Australia and the second largest network in terms of population reached.  Not only is the station popular in Australia but many of its series have become popular in other countries like the UK, Ireland, and elsewhere.  Although Seven Network programming Slot Online is free to Australians, it is geographically blocked outside of it.  However, you can still gain access to it and stream its content by using a VPN.  Below you will see our list of the best VPN services that will let you watch and enjoy all of your favorite Channel 7 programs.

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Overcoming Geographical Blocking of Seven Network Outside of Australia

As we previously mentioned, the best way to enjoy all of your favorite Seven Network programming outside of Australia is to connect using a personal VPN service like those we have listed above.  A personal VPN helps to make you more anonymous on the Internet by masking your true IP address from others.  It also assigns you an IP address from the sever location that you are connecting through.  This allows you to virtually set your location and appear anywhere in the world that the provider has a VPN server.  This means that once you connect through a VPN server in Australia, you will have access to all of the streaming content of Seven Network.  This will let you enjoy all of your favorite Channel 7 programs.  Also since the VPN encrypts all of your Internet traffic, it will keep all of your online communications confidential and help to keep your identity safe while using the Internet.

Channel 7 Programming

Channel 7 provides a variety of programming options.  It has original drama series, comedy specials, lifestyle programs, coverage of local sports like the Australian Opens for golf and tennis, and coverage of world sporting events like the summer and winter Olympics.  It also has popular series from other television networks in the US like Disney, NBC, and ABC.  Among the popular original shows currently (2015-2016) playing this season are:

  • Home and Away
    • Rating –  7.2/10  5.2/10 iMDB
    • Cast   Ray Meagher … Alf Stewart, Lynne McGranger … Irene Roberts
      Emily Symons … Marilyn Chambers, Ada Nicodemou … Leah Patterson-Baker
      Shane Withington … John Palmer, Steve Peacocke … Darryl “Brax” Braxton
      Tai Hara … Andy Barrett, Jackson Gallagher … Josh Barrett
    • Time – Seven Network at 7:00 pm from Mondays to Thursdays
    • Summary –  Home and Away is the second longest running Australian soap opera behind Neighbours. It was first aired in 1988.  Originally it followed the lives of the Fletcher family: Tom, his wife Pippa, and their foster children as they relocated from the big city to Summer Bay, a fictional seaside town of New South Wales. The Fletchers bought and started running the Summer Bay Caravan Park and moved into the Summer Bay House.  They quickly built strong friendships with all the locals, Ailsa Stewart, Alf Stewart, Donald Fisher, Neville, and Floss McPhee.
    • Locations within Summer Bay include a beach, high school, diner, bait shop and a surf club. The Club has a gym, small kiosk, and a restaurant.  Characters in the show live and work at surrounding areas such as the Summer Bay House, Summer Bay Caravan Park, Beach House, The Farmhouse, James Street and Saxon Avenue. Another area mentioned and sometimes seen in Home and Away is Mangrove River a neighboring suburb of Summer Bay where the three brothers known as The River Boys: Darryl “Brax” Braxton (Steve Peacocke), Heath (Dan Ewing) and Casey (Lincoln Younes) originally came from. Yabbie Creek is Summer Bay’s closest neighboring town which has a high school, a hospital, a university, a police station, and a Returned and Services League (RSL) club for ex-Defence Force members and their families. These have also integrated into many of the series storylines over the years.  Reefton Lakes, Sydney (referred to as “the city”), Melbourne, and other areas in Australia are also mentioned and occasionally used in storylines for the show.  The series has also filmed in the UK and Hawaii.
    • Home and Away has always been a collaboration between seasoned veteran actors and actresses and younger, less known performers. Storylines have been and continue to be dominated by younger cast members with fostering being a focus since its beginning. Other youth storylines include parental and teenage issues, school problems, and young romances.  Some are jovial and light hearted. However, many have also focused on adult themes like bullying, marriage and career, sex, teenage pregnancy, abortion, HIV and AIDS, drug addition and trafficking, gambling, suicide, homicide, and alcoholism.  Despite its family-viewing time slot, 7:00 pm, it has also covered more controversial storylines involving homosexuality, rape, and incest.  Its family oriented time slot, along with the controversial nature of many of its storylines has made Home and Away one of the most complained about Australian television series of all time.  This controversy has helped to make it one of the most popular series not only in Australia but worldwide. It has been exported to over 8o countries.
    • Home and Away has followed the lives and loves of the residents in Summer Bay and the areas around it for over 25 years.  They have faced natural disasters of all kinds:  bushfires, landslides, floods, earthquakes and others.  Some residents have died.  Some have moved away to the city and occasionally come back from time to time.  New residents have moved in with intriguing back stories.  This has allowed the community to dynamically grow and change.  Alf Stewart’s (Ray Meagher) and Roo (Georgie Parker) are currently the only two original residents of Summer Bay.  Its alumni include some of the most famous young Australian actors including Heath Ledger (The Dark Knight), Chris Hemsworth (Thor), Isla Fisher (Now You See Me), Melissa George (Grey’s Anatomy), Julian McMahon (Nip/Tuck), Simon Baker (The Mentalist), Guy Pearce (The Time Machine) and Naomi Watts (Insurgent).  All the while, family and community have been its primary focus.  This has allowed it to keep long-time viewers, while remaining relevant, and gaining a new generation of viewers.
  • Winners and Losers,
    • Rating – 8.6/10;  iMDB 7.2/10
    • Cast – Virginia Gay … Frances James, Melanie Vallejo … Sophie Wong
      Zoe Tuckwell-Smith … Bec Gilbert, Melissa Bergland … Jenny Gross
      Michala Banas … Tiffany Turner
    • Time – Set to air season five in 2016
    • Summary – Winners and Losers is an Australian television drama about the friendship of four long term friends:  Frances James (a smart and savvy businesswoman, but a social loser with no concept about emotional relationships who was a tomboy in high school with no social graces); Sophie Wong (a sexy, self-aware, confident woman who was overweight, miserable and lacked self-esteem in high school); Bec Gilbert (a bright, rational, girl next door type who could have been popular in high school except for her loyalty to he friend Jenny); Jenny Gross (a bright, funny, loyal woman with no sense of fashion who was considered loud and obnoxious in high school).  They were the “losers group” in high school.  The series opened with the girls in their 20’s receiving surprise invites to their 10-year high school reunion.  When confronted by their high school nemesis Tiffany Turner, they realize that they may actually be “winners” because of their enduring friendships.  While drunk after the reunion, three of them decide to buy a lotto ticket together.  They end up winning the Oz Lotto and after some consideration about what true friendship is they decide to split the winnings equally between the four of them.  The series looks at how winning changes the four friends and affects decisions they make in their lives. It follows their career paths, relationships, and new friendships, as they learn to be less socially awkward.  It will be starting its fifth season in 2016.
  •  The Chase Australia
    • Rating – 7.2/10  5.2/10 iMDB
    • Cast – Andrew O’Keefe … Host, Anne Hegerty … Chaser Anne
      Issa Schultz … Chaser, Brydon Coverdale … Chaser
      Matt Parkinson … Chaser, Mark Andrew Labbett … Chaser
    • Time – Wednesdays 5PM on Channel 7
    • Summary – “The Chase” was originally broadcast on the British television channel ITV. It was so successful that it became an international franchise with versions in Australia, China, Croatia, Germany, Norway, Russia, Serbia, Turkey and the United States. The Chase Australia is a TV series quiz show game which pits four contestants against veteran quiz professionals.  Chasers include:  Brydon Coverdale, The Shark; Anne Hegerty, The Governess; Matt Parkinson, Goliath; Issa Schultz, Supernerd; and Mark Labbett, The Beast (added for 2016).
    • The game is played in a series of rounds as follows:
      • Cash builder round – Each contestant has 60 seconds to accumulate as much money as they can from answering questions worth $2000 each.
      • The chase round – Once a contestant has built up cash, he must bank it by racing against the chaser to the bank.  The contestant starts three steps ahead of the chaser with five steps to the bank.  The contestant can optionally take more money but then starts two steps ahead of the chaser or less money to start 4 steps ahead of the chaser.  Once the starting position has been determined, the contestant and chaser race to the bank area by answering the same questions.  Correct answers for both move them forward one space.  If the chaser gets to the bank before the contestant, he loses his money and is out of the final round.  All contestants who beat the chaser and bank their accumulated money advance to the final round.
      • The final round – In the last round, the money banked by all the contestants who made it is added together and they play as a group to collect and split it.  If all four contestants are caught by the Chaser, the Chaser offers a certain amount of money and the team nominates one contestant to proceed to the Final Chase.  Contestants answer as many questions as possible during a two-minute lightning round.  Only the contestant who buzzes in is allowed to answer the question during this round.  The Chaser, who starts with a handicap equal to the number of contestants in the final round, then answers as many questions as he can.  Should the Chaser miss a question, the clock stops temporarily, and the contestants get a chance to answer it.  If they get it right, then the chaser is penalized one answer.  If the Chaser passes up the contestants during the lightning round, then they leave with nothing.
  • Better Homes and Gardens
    • Rating – 7.1/10  6.2/10 iMDB
    • Cast – Johanna Griggs … Host, Demi Harman … Actress/Host
      Adam Dovile … DIY/Host, “Fast Ed” Ed Halmagyi … Food
      Karen Martini … Food, Graham Ross … Gardening
      Jason Hodges … Landscaping, Peter Coulqhoun … Architect
      Tara Dennis … Decorating, Dr. Harry Cooper … Pets
      Pete Blasina … “The Gadget Guy”
    • Time – Friday nights at 7:00 pm
    • Summary – Better Homes and Gardens is an Australian lifestyle television series broadcast on the Seven Network.  The show covers a range of lifestyle related topics, hobbies, and crafts.  It is the most popular lifestyle show in Australia.  It offers segments with advice, ideas, and solutions in a variety of areas: gardening and landscaping, food and cooking, decorations and crafting, the care of your pet, building and home improvement, as well as other DIY projects.  It also features celebrity guests.

In addition to the above shows, the Seven Network (2015-2016) lineup also includes other original programming including dramas like Winter, Catching Milat, 800 Words;  reality shows like My Kitchen Rules and House Rules; and documentaries like Border Security: Australia’s Front Line and Highway Patrol.  It also has many old favorites from other networks like The Amazing Race, The Big Bang Theory, Revenge, Grey’s Anatomy, How I Met Your Mother, American Dad!, Bones, Castle, Criminal Minds, Family Guy, 30 Rock, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Cougar Town, Royal Pains, Parenthood, Once Upon a Time, Parks and Recreation, Covert Affairs, Jersey Shore, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Downtown Abbey, Body of Proof, and Teen Wolf.  Channel Seven, 7TWO, 7mate, and PLUS7 are all part of Seven Network.  PLUS7 offers video streaming of full length episodes as seen on Seven, 7mate and other content partners, and live streaming of Channel Seven, 7TWO and 7mate.  New episodes are added daily and are available from 7 to 28 days.

Using a VPN service to connect to Seven Network websites will allow you to watch your favorite content from anywhere in the world.  All those who use one of the personal VPN services that we recommend will also be able to access other popular streaming providers like Netflix (US), BBC iPlayer, and others.

Other Characteristics to Choosing a Personal VPN Service

  • Does the service have a good reputation in the industry?
  • Do they have a worldwide presence?  This will ensure that you have access to all streaming services and live events that you may want to watch from anywhere.
  • A no-log policy regarding VPN usage is best.
  • How stable are the service connections from where you need access?
  • Do they offer unlimited data download?
  • Can the service be used with all the devices that you want to use it with?
  • Can you connect using more that one device at the same time.
  • Does it support at least the three main encryption protocols:  OpenVPN, L2TP/IPsec, and PPTP with 128-bit or better encryption strengths?
  • What is the service’s attitude toward P2P traffic?
  • How easy is it for you to actually use the VPN service?
  • Does it do everything that you need it to do?
  • Can you afford it?
  • What other features do they offer, more protocols, encryption strengths, ciphers, kill switches, DNS leak protection, and others.

We took all of these characteristics into account when choosing the services in our best VPNs for streaming content from the Seven Network.  Remember to check your chosen service with all of the applications that you might need to run with it to make sure they are compatible.  Also, make sure you are happy with the performance of your chosen VPN.

Final Thoughts

A personal VPN service can help to keep you more anonymous while surfing the Web.  Using one will allow you to appear to be from any location.  It does this by masking your true IP address and assigning you one at the location of the VPN server you are connected to.  Setting a location to Australia will let you enjoy all of your favorite Channel 7 TV series, specials, and other programming from anywhere in the world.  Connecting to PLUS7 will let you stream full length episodes of programs seen on Seven, 7mate, and other content partners; and enjoy live streaming of Channel Seven, 7TWO and 7mate.  New episodes are added daily and are available to watch for 7 to 28 days after air time.  This will let you keep up with all of your favorite Seven Network shows.

The VPN services that we recommend will help you watch all of your favorite Channel 7 programs.  All provide fast steaming download speeds at a fair price.  They also offer some of the best encryption algorithms to secure all of your traffic and help protect your identity while using the Internet.  They have money-back guarantees and believe that once you try out their service, you will want to subscribe to it.   Select the one that you like best and thoroughly test it for yourself.