Best VPNs for Android


Though Android was released in the same year as Apple’s iOS, Google made sure that it’s mobile operating system became the dominant mobile OS in the world. With 81% of all phones shipped in a given year running on Android, they have certainly accomplished that goal. As phones have improved and become important web browsing tools, VPN services for mobile devices have also improved. It is far easier to connect to a VPN via Android than it ever was previously. In the list below, we name our favorites. All of our suggestions are outstanding choices for the Android OS.

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How to Find the Right VPN for Android

Mobile technology has come so far, that modern phones are actually handheld computers with phone apps. Because we rely on them so much, protecting privacy becomes more important. If you are using a public WiFi connection, or your cell carrier’s data plan, you are vulnerable. When searching for the right VPN for your Android device, you want to make sure the provider has easy to use software, and great speeds. Since virtually all providers have Android apps, if the client has special features, that can be a plus as well in your search.

What are the Benefits of Using a VPN on Your Android?

Let’s talk a bit more about the privacy benefit of a VPN. Mobile computing is fast becoming the norm in today’s world. Many public places now offer free Wifi, from your local coffee shop, to your favorite restaurant. Whereas that is a feature that is usually touted, you would not want to use that type of network without a VPN. The reason is, the person at the next table over may be looking for your data. It is easier than you think it is. By using a VPN, your traffic on the network is encrypted. That will protect you from prying eyes that may want to steal your info. Using a VPN to protect your privacy just makes sense. The second advantage to using a VPN comes from it’s ability to unblock geo-restricted content.

As an example, suppose you were from the UK, and on holiday abroad. If you attempt to access a streaming service like BBC iPlayer, you will see a message on your device that says “BBC iPlayer TV programmes are available to play in the UK only. Find out why. If you are in the UK and see this message please read this advice.” That is the same message you would receive on a laptop or desktop device as well. By using a VPN and choosing a server in the UK, the software that was responsible for showing you that message will think you are located in the UK. That is true for any scenario. You can use a VPN with the Netflix app, and watch any region you wish, all depending on where you connect. We could use more examples, but we feel you understand.

The last benefit to mention is the other type of geographic restriction. Some countries have restrictions on what their citizens can see, the biggest of which is China. Their blocking has been so pervasive, that almost 20 years ago, a popular tech magazine coined the term “The great firewall of China”. A VPN would definitely help you there. Another place you would see benefits is in a school setting. Though blocking at a school is not quite as extensive, it works the same way.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a VPN for Android

Now that you see the benefits of using a VPN, we will have a look at the criteria to use in your choices.

  • Does the provider offer Android specific software? Many do, but there are some that do not.
  • If so, is it easy to use? As with anything, some software is easier to use than others.
  • Do they have a large network? This is not a huge deal unless you want to watch content from a specific area.
  • Do they have fast speeds? You want to pick a provider with great speeds, especially when streaming.
  • Are extra features available? Some providers offer additional features like kill switches.
  • Do they support the IKEv2 protocol in their Android app? Many providers have started defaulting to this protocol.

These factors should all be considered in your decision making. However, you will want to make sure the software is easy to use, the speeds are fast, and the networks are large. As with any of the providers in our list, you will want to run a speed test, and make sure their network is reliable.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, there are some very good reasons to use a VPN for your favorite Android device. Most mobile users will use one to protect their privacy, and unblock content. Whether you are traveling or just at the local coffee shop, it is important to make sure you are not freely giving information to others. If you are planning to unblock content, you will want to use one with a big network and fast speeds. That way, you can watch programming from anywhere you wish. Of course, you also want to consider any additional features.

A majority of the providers in our list do not keep traffic logs, so those who want the extra layer of security will be re-assured. From the privacy standpoint, you will want to use OpenVPN IKEv2 whenever possible. Good providers will default to of those protocols. If you are more interested in the content aspect, be sure to pick a provider with a large network and great speeds. For example, IPVanish has servers in many countries and is a tier 1 provider. The features available for the device may also be important to you. HMA has some great features like the ability to change your IP adress quickly. VyprVPN has their chameleon protocol which is designed for use in China. If you want the specifics of any of the features, they are available in the full review. No matter which provider you choose from our list, we are certain you will be pleased with their services. They all offer new members money back guarantees, so you will have plenty of time to test their services for Android, and make sure they fit your needs.